Chronicles of a village boy in New Delhi

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Chronicles of a village boy in New Delhi is a first person account of the transition that most youth are experiencing today: from one age to another, one place to another and one value system to another. The book elucidates what factors influence that process and unleash the potential in individuals (even those without a godfather!), with thoughts that inspire and direct destinies. Written in an unconventional style, the book has insights for the youth of today to understand their elders and be sensitive to generational transition without succumbing to gene factors and not falling prey to the lures of the emerging times. The chronicles subtly hint at the dilemma of today in public space, points at contradictions and suggests introspection for proactive initiatives. The book profiles ten different important public movements in the country with concern and perspective. The author being a pioneer in applied social research, the book is a treasure for social analysts.

Print ISBN9789384439552