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Sudhir Varadarajan
Sushyo is a toy-maker from Mesopotamia who wished to travel the world and spread the message of peace and joyousness. From his home in the city of Nineveh, he voyages to the land of seven rivers, Melhua.

But destiny has something else in store for him. What unfolds is an adventure of epic proportion, with his destiny throwing at him, one challenge after another. An apocalyptic encounter with the ‘Alchemist of the East’ prepares him for the road ahead. As various events take place and many secrets unfold, the boy finds himself to be a part of the legacy that leads him to face the ruler of Arianna, Queen Kassandrra, in an epic battle on the banks of River Helmand.

The Alchemist of the East is an enchanting saga of wisdom; a story of one’s life and destiny; of following one’s heart and, above all, chasing one’s dreams.
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