DOGS! An Anthology

Featuring artists and writers from India and USA, DOGS! An Anthology is a collection of comics on life's canine companions. In this collection you will encounter stories about dogs that are post-apocalyptic, self-reflective, murderous, environmentally conscious - and much more!
This collection of comics was conceived after a series of meandering conversations with artists revealed a shared admiration for dogs amongst comics-wallahs, as well as a collective desire to explore what the world would look like from the other end of a snout. Perhaps imagining life as a dog could reveal something as yet unseen about our world to ourselves and our readers? The result is grungier, grittier, darker and, at times, more poignant than one could have predicted.
Edited by Vidyun Sabhaney & Jeremy Stoll, this collection features unusual dogs with unusual storiessome dogs chat about life in big cities, whereas others find ways to stop littering in Delhi's own Mehrauli. Some dogs appear in dreams, while others rescue humans in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Self-published comics have always been a space to tell stories that otherwise may get overlooked, and this collection on dogs is just that!
Proceeds from sales will go to Sai Ashram Animal Shelter and Red Paws Rescue.

From the Contributors:
″Since my life in many ways revolves around our dogs, I find writing about them is writing about ourselves. In the comic that I′ve written for this anthology, certainly, I′ve put my own thoughts about a vital move in life into the mouth of one of our dogs. Comics in India are still, I believe, trying to find a place for themselve - certainly those that are not specifically aimed at young readers. Every experiment with the genre is important, in that each one opens new doors for creators to step through and explore beyond.″ - Aniruddha Sen Gupta
″It′s a subject and story that′s pretty important to me. Independent publishers like Captain Bijli give you a chance to get a little personal, and your work ends up a bit raw, undirected and -close to your heart. Working on this was amazing, and meeting like-minded collaborators is always a pleasure.″  -  Pia Alize Hazarika

Print ISBN9789384439057