Madam President: History in the Making?

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"We're going after all these scams and make sure that everyone pays their fair share here in America. I'm gonna hold them accountable, and we're gonna have a special effort to track all these resources wherever they might lead."
- Hillary Clinton, speech before the AFL-CIO convention in Philadelphia - ABC News, April 06, 2016

Impassioned words tailored to warm the hearts of an American electorate disgruntled over increasing inequality and unemployment, even while corporate America grows fatter at their expense? Or empty election rhetoric not worth the paper the speech was written on? Can a President, whose campaign has largely been funded by the 'billionaire class' and Wall Street really 'walk the talk' on corporate crime? The book raises this among many other questions as it attempts a factual analysis of strategic issues related to a possible Madam Clinton Presidency! 

As a former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and now the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee for the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton enjoys the advantage of bringing a certain experience to the table that none of the others can boast of. The advantage of experience does not come alone though but is accompanied by a certain baggage in the form of track record. 

Will Hillary's immense experience and charisma override this past baggage and catapult her to the Oval Office to make history as its first ever woman occupant? If that happens, will these issues come back to haunt her Presidency or will she be able to bury the ghosts of the past and indeed live true to her word and achieve all her election promises?

"Simply brilliant, unbiased, timely and thorough investigative journalism on what the world can expect of the Hillary Clinton Presidency. Woodward and Bernstein would be proud of it. This extensively researched, verified and cited work is certain to impact and change the dynamics of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections. America has only been allowed to see the 'tip of the iceberg'. In this beautifully written, organized and riveting book, Ramesh exposes the 'rest of the iceberg'. A 'must read' for every American!!!"
- Ajit Patel, Chief Technology Officer, WWA Advisors LLC, USA

"A formidable grand picture ... this is a fascinating compilation of information available in the public domain - no fiction! - on the intricacies and interdependencies of American campaign politics and [lack of] financial sector regulation and supervision. ... I have not seen so clearly that America is really confronting a choice between Scylla and Charybdis."
- Prof. (em.) Dr. Hans Dieter Seibel, Germany

"The breath-taking analysis by Ramesh S Arunachalam can be profitably applied to understand any popular politician pursuing public office with passion and single minded ambition. The author's fidelity to facts is absolute. His ability to connect the dots is astounding. He takes us through hard data with an easy stride. Madam President will never become dated. While serving as a prism to scrutinize and understand Hillary Clinton's future actions, this work is actually a clarion call to rescue American democracy from the fatal embrace of money-power."
- G R Swaminathan, Assistant Solicitor General of India

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