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Suneeta Mishra

Suneeta Mishra was born in Bhubaneswar, India. A learning & development and HR professional, she worked in Kolkata for 10 years before moving to the United States in 2000. She presently works for a fortune 500 company in the area of corporate learning and development.


Growing up in a port town where dining on a ship from an entirely different part of the world was quite common, she was exposed to international cuisines from an early age. One of the perks of being raised in a small community where everyone knew everyone else, and came from different parts of India was developing an appetite for a very diverse food palate. She still remembers the wonderfully varied regional fare that her neighbours cooked and shared with everyone during festivals. A self-proclaimed foodie, she attributes her interest in cooking to her parents and grandparents who not only were great cooks, but also treated every meal as an elaborate family ritual, savouring every morsel and discussing the food long after the meal was over! Suneeta believes that simple, flavourful and good quality ingredients can take a dish from the bland to exceptional. According to her, magic in the kitchen begins when the cook is completely engaged and gives his/her heart and soul to the cooking process. A maverick cook of sorts, Suneeta loves to indulge in fusion cooking, experimenting and combining uncommon ingredients to create her versions of traditional staples. Plating food in an artistic way to enhance its appeal and make the dish look good before it is put on the table is also important to her, as she believes that one feasts with one’s eyes first.


Suneeta currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Unmesh and daughters Srishti and Sonakshi. She enjoys travelling, food photography and volunteering at various charities in the greater Atlanta area. An avid blogger, she hopes to publish her first fictional novel soon. You can follow her food blogs at diehardfoodies.blogspot.com

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