About the book

Set in Pali Hill, Mumbai, these eight stories of Unravel are tales of love, loss, heartbreak, and revenge, set against the backdrop of life doing what it does best going on.

A matriarch in a coma unravels her life and its choices. Life unravels for a woman tired of her husband’s incessant infidelities. A mother loses her young daughter, and a beloved wife meets an ex who was the love of her life. A daughter tries to unravel her acrimonious relationship with her mother, and life unravels for a maid caught between her husband’s insatiable greed and loyalty toward her employer, while a married woman is left to pick up the threads after an unraveled extramarital affair. And it slowly spins back into control for a woman who is finally able to find closure after a traumatic marriage.

About the author

Preeti Singh’s repertoire of work includes children’s books for Disney Publishing and other Indian publishers. Unravel is her first book for adults.

Print ISBN9789384439088