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At AuthorsUpFront, we believe that authors tell their stories best, with a little bit of help.

AuthorsUpFront (AUF) intends to help talented people of all age groups and diverse backgrounds in fulfilling their ambition to be authors. We enable you to publish, sell and buy creative works in book and e-book forms.

AUF is a self-publishing platform for the creative community and puts the power in the publishing process back in the hands of the creator. We facilitate publishing for aspiring authors by providing them with the necessary support services and tools in the areas of editing, copyright protection, designing, printing, sales, e-book creation, global distribution and promotion. AUF is also a place for the creative community to interact with other authors as well as readers.

AUF will be by your side throughout the process of becoming a published author, making sure that you benefit from our many years of experience in publishing and book promotion. We aim to take you through this sometimes rocky process towards best solutions with expert advice and handholding.

AUF connects you to a global network, one you should be a part of as a published author.

Welcome to AuthorsUpFront and let us together start the process of creating a series of remarkable and author-backed literary expressions.