Banking on Technology

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Banking on Technology is a personal history of Indian banking, from the days of brick and mortar banking to the point of blockchain banking – a journey full of exploration, innovations and learning.

The author, O. P. Srivastava, who had a ringside view of Indian banking in a three-decade long career as a banker, rolled out India’s first and largest 'brick-and-click’ based retail distribution infrastructure for ICICI Bank in the beginning of this century, leading a multi-disciplinary team of fresh, young graduates. In an era when the banking industry in India – the technological and regulatory landscape – is going through rapid changes, the author incisively analyses the past for lessons for the future as he looks at the new challenges foreshadowing the impact of technology on banking.

While Banking on Technology offers a detailed history of the technological changes that revolutionized modern-day retail banking in India, it gives an evocative rendition of banking in the country in the eighties and the nineties, bringing to light the ethos of an industry driven by human skill, hard work, integrity, trust and relationships.

The book is a must-read for members of the banking fraternity – leaders, practitioners and students. It is also a heady and enlightening read for the general reader on banking in India.

Published byReelismfilms
Published04 March 2020
Print ISBN9789387280571