My Beautiful Journey: Kashmir to Kanyakumari

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Beneath the red tape, a throbbing heart 

At one level, My Beautiful Journey – From Kashmir to Kanyakumari is an evocative story of a wide-eyed, small town girl who embraces the world and gets excited by every new experience. At another, it is the inspiring tale of a pioneering woman bureaucrat who chips away at difficulties and challenges and cuts red tape to serve the society with single-minded devotion. 

The book traces her journey, right from her birth in Kashmir to her growing-up years in Old Delhi, to her stint at the National Academy of Administration in Mussorie, to her triumphs and tribulations in Tamil Nadu, which she chooses as her karma bhoomi. 

As the narrative unfolds, it transforms from being a mere diary of one individual to a prism through which the reader can view the various events and developments of an entire era.

Print ISBN9789384439781