Transformation Strategy for the Digital CIO

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The impact of digital disruption is so profound that World Economic Forum (WEF) has termed this phenomenon as The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Digital Transformation has been the response mechanism of incumbent organisations to counter the pervasive threat of digital disruption and disruptors. The author defines Digital Transformation as a convergence of Strategic Redesign of the Enterprise, Advanced Technologies intervention at all levels of the Enterprise and Effective Change Management.

The author feels that executing Digital Transformation should be a critical mandate in corporations and shares the methodology that would work in most organisational situations. This book would provide guidance for the new breed of technology leaders – The Digital CIO in powering Digital Transformation of organisations.

Topics in the book

This book is structured around the Digital Transformation methodology forged by the author in the real world environment of transformation initiatives (DigitalCIO LIVE). This methodology is a five stage process for designing a transformed organisation. It includes,

1. Assessment of the industries in a digitally disruptive environment.
2. Assessment of your organisation’s core strength and its readiness for Digital Transformation.
3. Identify the key transformation challenges for your Enterprise.
4. Introduction to Sequenced Transformation Strategy.
5. Digital Transformation implementation through a comprehensive road map.

This book was shaped in the real world of implementing technology powered change management in global organisation.

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