Future Shock

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Future Shock is a non-fiction armchair journey into the future, a book about how life is going to change post the pandemic. It talks about how we will live, not the day after tomorrow, but tomorrow  - and not necessarily the way we would have expected to.


Some of the chapters of Future Shock were first written as guest columns for The Economic Times Brand Equity in the summer of 2020. The pandemic was gathering momentum, lockdowns were in force, everybody was required to work from home; no travel, no eating out, no movie theatres. Cities were deserted, there was an eerie quiet all around, but there was also the sudden appearance of clear blue skies, pristine beaches, clean rivers and fresh air for all to inhale. The world was taking a breather. A reset button had been pressed by God. Tomorrow would be different from today.


Future Shock looks at how the virus has impacted our future, the ‘near next’; how we will live, love and seek leisure; how we will eat and entertain; how we will make-up and break-up; how our work and homes will coalesce; how health will be balanced against wealth and how we will study, shop, pray and persevere. The analysis of trends is objective. The prognosis is practical.

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Print ISBN9789387280786