IIM Ahmedabad: The Inside Story

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For Post Graduate Programme Students (PGPs). They can take a walk down memory lane.

For Common Admission Test (CAT) aspirants. They can have a virtual tour of what they have to look forward to.

And for those who couldn’t make it. They can see what they missed...and what they didn’t!

What’s tougher- surviving CAT or surviving the years at IIM-Ahmedabad?

The IIM has its own watertight spaces. Only the impervious stand the test of time in this Mecca of Learning. There aren’t many mantras to sail through but an indigenous model may just about manage to have your back.

When Teji made his way into one of the country’s premier institutions, he hadn’t quite fathomed life on the other side of the spectrum. But neither had life on campus comprehended this tough cookie! His “academic pilgrimage” in an atmosphere of triumphs and failures is spun with tales of love, betrayal, friendship, jealousy, dreams and aspirations.

The race to reach the destination in a competitive environment is inevitable but it isn’t always the end that makes life worthwhile. More often than not, it is the journey that makes you smile. And this two-year long journey at IIM-Ahmedabad that Teji chooses to look back on, is surely the best balm for weary souls entangled in the “businesses” of life!

Published byTejinder Singh Brar
Print ISBN9789387280502