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Inderjit Kaur Barthakur

Inderjit Kaur Barthakur is a child of the Partition and has lived through its horrors. After the Partition, she joined one of the administrative cadres of the new India. Her destiny and determination took her to one of the remotest and densely forested parts of India, then known as NEFA (North Eastern Frontier Agency). It was an area Inhabited by tribes of whom the rest of the country had not even heard. It was literally a journey from one frontier to another, from edge to edge, a journey over the dry, vast plains of northern India to the leech-infested mountain rain forests of the eastern Himalayas.

Inderjit Barthakur was in love with the geography of North East India, which she made her home for more than half of her life. She became a mother to its people, solving one problem after another and making life better for them. She became an expert on most matters in the region. Her hard work, Integrity, grit and courage earned her many awards including the Padma Shree and the Padma Bhushan.