Kickass Nonsense

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The Indian subcontinent is unique with its history, heritage and diversity. It is a mystery for some and a land of snake charmers for others. Sprinkled, as it is, with richness and vibrance, it still faces some teething problems that make life not-so-easy for an average Indian. They are the people who grit their teeth in silent fury as they make their way through densely populated Indian cities and en route try to tame some potholes, or, join serpentine queues in hospitals and banks and wait for long hours in snarling traffic jams! However, they also know that this madness is where they belong.

This book wears the heart of every such Indian, who lives amidst all this craziness, on its sleeve. At the same time, it offers plenty of food for thought and asks you to look for solutions, within. Because just when you think that there is enough “nonsense” around every corner, doing your little bit might be the best kickass idea!

Published byAuthorsUpFront
Published14 July 2020
Print ISBN9789387280663