Past Dwellers: Change your mindset to change your life

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The past is not a permanent state of being, but a stepping stone to the future. Instead of dwelling on the mistakes and regrets of the past, learn from them and open your mind and self to a new tomorrow, one that will be brighter, more enriched than before.

With the author’s own experience of pulling himself out of the clutches of the past, he explains a few very important but relatively simple life lessons to learn to let go of your past and maximise your present to build your future. These include:

Making wise choices.
Being conscious of the value of time.
Knowing the people you spend time with.
Using your senses to observe and absorb your environment.
Understanding your abilities and being able to tap them carefully.
Most of all, building a strong foundation and never stopping learning, evolving and growing.

Don’t stay in one place, move on and build your own future by being present in the moment!

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Print ISBN9789387280810