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All aspiring authors can use AuthorsUpFront services to publish their work. Our services enable you to publish and sell your creative works in book and e-book forms. In other words, we help you to simplify your self-publishing experience.

You can choose from a range of services at AuthorsUpFront—from editorial and production to eBook conversion and distribution. So, if youhave a great story to tell, a family cookbook, stories that you have made up for your children or a compilation of your blogs, convert them into a book or an eBook today.

Once you confirm your request, we follow the following process:

  1.  Registration with AuthorsUpFront
  2.  Submission of your book idea and material
  3.  Estimation of the work and cost
  4.  Optional services with estimation
  5.  Manuscript review, editing and design
  6.  Conversion to eBook
  7.  Production of print books
  8.  Despatch of books to the author
  9.  Publishing of eBook on various retail platforms
  10. Availability of book of AuthorsUpFront book store
  11. Additional activities as decided between Authors and AuthorsUpFront
  12. Customised Publicity and Promotion Plan and Event Curation

For details on services offered by AuthorsUpFront, please visit the Services page.