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Samridh Seth

Born and based in London till the age of 10 and thereafter, Samridh Seth moved several times between a few cities in India and finally to Dubai. He did his middle and high school in India and his final two years of IBDP at Charterhouse Boarding School in the UK. He is currently pursuing Physics as his chosen major at Boston University, USA. Samridh took a gap year to travel and pursue various work experiences across sectors such as banking and investment, aviation, refining, petrochemicals, offshore drilling, shipping, retail and corporate management, to find his passion and a path that he wants to follow going forward to build his future.


The 6-month lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic gave him a chance to revisit his realisations and introspect carefully on his life and the various events that have helped him to develop his mind set. Through this introspection, he realised that there may be others like him who dwelled in the past and are looking for a positive way forward. He started writing this book using his personal experiences to explain certain very important life lessons to try and help those who dwell in the past see a clearer path to their future and understand themselves better in the process. His hobbies and interests range from travelling, sports, networking, physics, the sciences, philosophy, economics and equity investing to self-improvement and philanthropy.

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