The Sand Saga

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Life is a miracle and to experience it as such one needs a rare sensitivity; if not the mundane will obscure the mystical.

Believing in life's mystique and supernatural phenomena is one thing, experiencing it altogether is totally different as well as life altering. The author has penned these spellbinding stories from the closet of his memories and real-life incidents.

The Sand Saga and Other Short Stories are gripping, fascinating, riveting and full of twisted mystery. On one hand he brings out the emotional turmoil that he and his family faced over time, and on the other the inexplicable phenomena that helped him out in hopeless situations. Be it the mysterious mask, the neela kurinji flowers, the apparitions; a strong force always rallied around the author, saving him at every point in his life.

The fast-paced, thrilling stories are difficult to put down and all lead to surprising conclusions. The readers will ride an exhilarating roller coaster with the author.

Published byAuthorsUpFront | The Write Place
Print ISBN9789387280458