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AuthorsUpFront enables you to publish and sell your creative works in book and eBook forms. Our aim is to simplify your self-publishing experience. Choose from the range of services available at AuthorsUpFront. You can be assured that AUF will be by your side throughout the process of becoming a published author. Welcome again!



You feel that your stories need an editor yet you want to remain in complete creative control of your work. Our editors will help you with their recommendations and suggestions to make your work consistent, error-free, well-organised and enjoyable. We will simply help you tell your story well and give it that much-needed edge and unputdownable quality.

Editorial review and substantive editing

Our experienced editors will go through the entire manuscript and evaluate its quality from an editorial standpoint. We will provide an overview and suggest ways to improve your writing and presentation quality. Our editors will work with you to arrive at the extent of editorial inputs needed to make your manuscript ready for the market. Let the best possible product reach your customers.


Your manuscript will be checked thoroughly to correct grammatical and spelling errors. Punctuation marks will be reviewed to ensure that the correct meaning is conveyed. Any non-English terms (Indian or foreign languages) in your work will be treated appropriately. Our copyeditors will also ensure that your references (footnotes, endnotes, bibliography) and index are consistent and error free.

Content development

You have an idea or a big-picture in mind. You also have the structure, written matter and visualisation in place. You now need help in further developing the ideas and structure into words and a manuscript. Our editors and content development experts will review, suggest and develop it into a manuscript ready for publication.

Conceptualising illustrations

You have a great manuscript that is ready. You and our editor, both feel that addition of illustrations to the inside pages will add value to your idea and will provide a more enjoyable reading experience. Our editors will suggest the way forward and with your inputs help you conceptualise these illustrations. Our illustrators will carry out the task under editorial supervision.



Your manuscript begins to take book form. Our production team will help you select the right size, fonts, layout and design treatment for your text and illustrations. After typesetting, the pages are almost ready for printing and/or production as eBook.

Book design

Our expert designers will help you create a book that looks appealing, professional and is easy to read and navigate. Your manuscript may have elements like illustrations, visuals or the subject itself that may need a design treatment to tell the story better. We approach book design not as templates but as individual expressions.

Cover design

There has never been a doubt about appeal of the cover being paramount to the book’s success. With you in control, our designer will develop a cover design most suited to your book. We will also help you procure image/s for the cover and get necessary usage and copyright clearances.

Design concept and execution (visual books)

You have a great idea for a visual book and have all the images available. Our team of experienced editors will help you conceptualise the text, write it and make it print-ready, while our expert design team will help you curate and select the right visuals from your collection, put them through a thorough pre-press process and with you in control, design the pages of the book.



Our production partners fulfil your print order requirements. This includes selection of paper, type of binding and quantity. Be assured of consistent and high-quality printing.


The typeset version may contain typos or other errors introduced through both human error and the typesetting program.Our proofreaders go through the entire text with a fine-tooth comb and make corrections wherever required. A fresh set of eyes to ensure error-free text—crucial for creating a high-quality book.

eBook conversion

Want your book to also be an eBook? Just say the word and leave the rest to our experts. Different websites and devices require varying formats (like EPUB, MOBI, etc.). Our highly experienced pool of eBook experts knows how to best organise content for each of these websites/devices. After testing and protection, your eBook will be ready for distribution on various platforms.


Social media presence

We are aware of the kind of pressure on authors today to maintain strong online presence to talk up a new book, especially a self-published one. Our dynamic publicists are there to create an intense and sustained social media presence for your book and help you reach out to readers.

Marketing plan

Every good book needs excellent marketing to give it the right push. Our professional publicists help you draw up a systematic marketing strategy, which will allow you to tackle the book’s publicity in a planned manner. Leave it to them to tailor-make a suitable marketing plan particularly for your book which will include generation of punchy publicity material, putting together a list of book blogs and literary editors who should be mailed review copies, and creating a targeted mailing list.

Curating events

If it is multiple book events you want, our event and project managers are at your service to curate them as per your wishes and also manage all the logistical details.


AuthorsUpFront e-store

The AuthorsUpFront e-store is e-commerce-enabled and allows you the platform to showcase and sell your books online. You can also link this page to your personal web pages/blog and mention it in all your communication. Our logistics team will ensure hassle-free purchases and timely delivery.

Third party distribution

Our third party distribution arrangements enable you to sell on popular Indian e-bookstores like, Flipkart and Infibeam. We help you radically improve your book’s visibility and discoverability among customers of these bookstores.

eBook distribution

Our distribution tie-ups with leading players will ensure that your eBook is easily available to a global audience. These include (but are not limited to):
• Amazon Kindle Bookstore
• Apple iBookstore
• Kobo store
• Barnes and Noble NOOK Book store
• Flipkart
• Infibeam

On-demand sales of print book in the US and UK

We understand that many authors would like the option of selling physical copies of their book to audiences in the US and UK. With our local print-on-demand arrangement and distribution tie-ups, we make sure your print book is listed on Amazon US and UK.