Siamese Sisters


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An emotional saga of a love and hate relation of Diya and Piya, the Siamese sisters – conjoined through their backbone, are challenged, berated and rebuked at every step of their life. Since birth only Samir, their father, stands resilient with his daughters even when their own mother refuses to accept their existence. As the strong bond of motherhood grows, Ria begins to love her daughters as happiness dawns on the family. All this is short lived as Samir is betrayed by his business partner and they fall on hard times.

Diya and Piya’s loathing and animosity for each other sees no bounds as tired of their conjoined structure they try to take their life. With a very heavy heart, a life-threatening decision is taken to operate upon them and separate the two, but at what cost? Will they both survive or only one!

Published byAuthorsUpFront
Print ISBN9789387280212