Singing Skies, Dancing Waters
by  Poorvi

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See the world through Poorvi’s eyes, between the age of eight and 11, as she travels to Puducherry, Srirangapatna and Ranganathittu, with parents and friends, young and old. Share the magic of the huge orange moon at Puducherry driving the sea to frightening excitement and the cat who looked all made up to go to a party… At Srirangapatna visit Tipu’s summer palace, where the king and queen are ‘drinking’ a hukah, where everything seemed to have been sent for ‘polish’.


Encounter pink and red dragonflies, roots of banyan trees hanging like a grandfather’s moustache, buffaloes in the distance like stones with horns and goats like ants…There are ghost stories, funny stories, ‘folk’ stories. Adults who love to talk, girls who talk a thousand words more than boys…And, there is more -- on birds, snakes, spiders. In the hushed jungles around Sirsi town was a pied hornbill who spat out a berry on Poorvi, to ‘bless’ her. Meet Kantikesari, the farm worker who bursts into extraordinary song...

Published byAuthorsUpFront
Print ISBN9788193392423