The Tale Of A Would-Be Father

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From the first ‘first’ to the many firsts, pregnancy is a period of ‘nercitement’ (nervousness + excitement). This magical journey is more than just glowing skin. A ‘bumpy’ ride for the mommy-to-be as well as for the in-line daddy, the extraordinary period has its fair share of ups and down.

When Mona announces their pregnancy, Tony is all set to grab his chance to shine as a partner and a future dad. But the number of misses he has in this rollercoaster ride sometimes outnumber the hits. The adventurous nine months are accompanied by tons of advice and a storm of hormonal brouhaha. How do ‘Monatony’ make it to the finish line? And what’s the end result?

Here’s a telltale for all parents-to-be!

Published byAuthorsUpFront
Print ISBN9789387280731