Thrice Upon A Time



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A love story so tumultuous, it can only be told through three lifetimes lived in one.


Everyone has a ‘first love.’ For the lucky some, it can turn out to be the first and the everlasting love. For others, it lasts but momentarily, only to be recalled later, sometimes fondly, sometimes bitterly. Rarely does it become an obsession, so complete that the past and present, the real and the imagined, the betrayer and the betrayed seem impossible to identify, let alone decipher. Thrice upon a Time is a story about one such tumultuous love that seems to span many lifetimes in one.


From an age where love blossomed as easily and, as naturally, as the blooms on fruit trees to that of adulthood where the only certainty is uncertainty and then, to times where reality seems to delight only to deceive, this is a story that twists and turns in unpredictable ways. Or, is this the way of all loves or was this love at all?


Thrice upon a Time is at once a compelling, heart-wrenching love story as it is a compassionate tale of an all-consuming, obsessive love. Yet, in it runs a heartening streak of innocence, laughter and hope as they must in any story of love. This is the story of ‘Wordsy’ and his never-say-die love for the elusive ‘Voila’ who is as mysterious as a fairy queen and yet seems as attainable as the grass he plucks from between her toes. Enjoy it as you would reflections on a first love, never quite forgotten.

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Print ISBN9789387280182